Don't Be a Ball Bag
Advice and the musings of somewhat who isn't a Ball Bag

Welcome to Don’t Be a Ball Bag

Welcome to my first ever post of “Don’t Be a Ball Bag”  I guess if you’re reading this strangely titled blog your either trying to stop being a Ball Bag to those people in your life, you’re already not a Ball Bag a feel like a chuckle or a refresher course, or someone who actually knows me and is planning to either be supportive or ridicule me.

I suppose there are a few areas I’m going to try and cover as I write this blog:-

  • Relationships – I have seen my fair share of awesome couples that know exactly what they’re doing and I’ve also seen many more people act like total Ball Bags to people they supposedly care about, hopefully I might be able to shift the balance more in the favour of Awesome than Ball Bag.
  • Friendships – In a similar vein to  the previous point but you can be a huge Ball Bag to your friends in many ways so I hope to point out a few traps you can avoid.
  • Issues – There is quite frankly a huge amount of stuff that happens in the world, and there are some massive Ball Bags involved, i may not know all the answers but I intend to give my opinion on how not being a Ball Bag may help resolve some issues.
  • Reviews – As you may well expect someone who has time to write a blog such as this has time to watch quite a few films and television shows as well as play quite a few games so if I have a particularly strong opinion i may occasionally post it.

My intention with choosing a topic as far reaching as Don’t Be a Ball Bag is to be able to write about as much as possible while keeping some degree of theme, though if I do find anything else I particularly wish to talk about that’ll be posted as well.

Anyway I hope this ends up atleast being interesting for me and maybe make the world a little less Ball Bag filled,



One Response to “Welcome to Don’t Be a Ball Bag”

  1. Dude, I finally made an account here. Thought my ramblings might be put to better use outside of the old lj XD Also to pester you into writing more.

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