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Lesson From a Sitcom Episode 1

This may seem like an obvious thing to state but when it comes to relationships you can learn an incredible amount just from paying attention to the obvious messages from sitcoms.

So in the first of many (hopefully) segments devoted to this idea I’m going to discuss a quite simple lesson from sitcoms,  to be honest it is the most simple thing to do in a relationship in order to avoid being a Ball Bag.  It is of course :-

When in a relationship don’t cheat on your significant other.

or if that’s too confusing:-

Don’t put your dick in it.

You may think that this is clearly an obvious rule to follow but some how Ball Bags manage to mess this up with startling frequency and efficiency.  Now you may well think you have a completely reasonable excuse for putting your penis where it doesn’t belong (or vice verse for the female Ball Bags) and quite honestly you don’t. If your in a position where your considering cheating then here is what you should do, talk to the person your in a relationship with about why your unhappy, unfulfilled or what ever the factor is driving you to cheat. A side effect of such a conversation indeed could be that you end up single, but trust me it’s far better to end with civilised talk than with raised voices, thrown objects and brandished weapons (and probably slightly less bloody)

Well that’s all for this episode of “lessons from a sitcom.”

Remember don’t be a Ball Bag,



One Response to “Lesson From a Sitcom Episode 1”

  1. Haha, humorous, to the point, concise. Perfect. Thanks for posting 🙂

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