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How to avoid being a Ball Bag when… Gaming Online

There are many places people can act like Ball Bags, even people who are normally no more scrotal than the next person. So how do you avoid making a Ball Bag of yourself? Well that’s exactly what these posts are going to be about! I thought i’d start with a subject that I’ve had a lot of experience with and of course it lets me link to the GIFT from Penny Arcade .

So here are a few tips to avoid being that guy everyone would like to kick in the throat with spiked shoes:-

  1. Remember other players are people too.Something that you’d imagine is a rather obvious but lets imagine your walking down the street and someone is doing something slightly differently to how you’d prefer, are you going to start shouting and swearing to them in the street? No? Then don’t do it to them over the internet, Ball Bag!
  2. Gaming isn’t a job it’s meant to be fun.

    Again something you may imagine is a blatantly obvious point to make but sometimes you find someone who decides he the arbiter of skill and that everyone must play to his standards. If you have the time and/or skill to be that good at game that’s fantastic but some people (rather healthily) have other interests and are playing this game to unwind so lay off.
  3. Remember you’re not necessarily among your group of friends Among my friends we have a lot of in jokes, many of which are hideously offensive if you don’t have the back story and a similar sense of humour, i also know how when it’s okay for me to use less than civilised language. You don’t know the sensibilities of the people your playing with and so instead of saying “I totally just raped you” maybe just go with a far less risky “owned” because you don’t know who your playing with and what they might think or feel.
  4. Don’t complain about lag Okay you just got shot in the face and it sucks and maybe you did get screwed by a bad frame rate or a spike in your latency, but sometimes you just didn’t do as well as the next guy and when you try and piss over his achievement your being a Ball Bag, and no one wants that.

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