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Lessons From A Sitcom – Episode 2

Today’s Episode of lessons from a sitcom is all about the little thing. Specifically those little things that drive you up the freaking wall.

The most difficult thing about relationships is that there is another person involved in them (or maybe more than that for you polygamists out there) and pretty much everyone else you meet is going to have habits and personality traits that irritate the crap out of you to the point you consider trying to make your own head implode.

Now when this happens there are many ways to deal with it, quite a few of these ways will make you a Ball Bag and I’m sure that’s something you’d rather not be.  So lets say your being driven crazy by your significant other what are your options?

Well you could try changing the person you’re with until nothing about them annoys you, granted if you do try this and succeed you’ll likely be dating someone made out of playdoh as well as being a Ball bag for trying to change someone for your own selfish ends, so lets move on to another option.

You could try ignoring the problem and hope it goes away or you stop being bothered by it, though unless you’re 6 years old and still believe covering your eyes will make you invisible then it is unlikely that this is going to be successful.

As you can learn from watching Scrubs for example you never stop being ignored by the little things is a relationship but if you really care about someone then it ultimately doesn’t matter when it comes down to it. If you do end up with someone and you really can’t get past all the little things then maybe there is another problem that you need to address and the only real way to improve things in relationships is healthy communication.

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One Response to “Lessons From A Sitcom – Episode 2”

  1. I really want a playdoh girlfriend now!

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