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How to avoid being a Ball Bag when… On Facebook

What with Facebook being a massively popular site for social interaction it makes sense that some of these interactions are going to be with a Ball Bag or 10. So you’re sat at your computer and your about to post something as your status or in a note, do you ask yourself “am I being a Ball Bag?” I’m sure you don’t so here are a few tips to make sure the answer to that question is a resounding  no:

1) If it’s private don’t post it!

I’m sure you think that the intimate details of your sex and social life must be shared  with everyone who has sent you a friend request but would you like to read this when you logged into Facebook?

2)  DoN’t WrItE lIkE tHiS

I’m not sure if writing like that is a secret code among Ball Bags or just a Ball Bag warning system for the rest of us, but it took my 4 times as long to type that than if i’d done it correctly and I actually know how to use the shift key so I’m sure it takes Ball Bags 20 minutes to do.

3) Take the time to spell check

I can understand why grammar Nazi’s get the hate that they do, grammar is a slightly more pain in the ass thing to get right than spelling, but many internet browsers have built in spell checkers now so you don’t have much excuse

4) Use the full correct word

This is pretty closely tied to the last point but its slightly different, mostly this is the will-full ignorance of the correct way to spell words rather than a mistake. Yes it may be fractionally quicker to right U than You, but woz has the same number of letters as was so what the hell are you trying to prove? Remember vowels are your friends you don’t need to try and eliminate all of them!

Hopefully these tips will help you spot Ball Bags or stop being one,



One Response to “How to avoid being a Ball Bag when… On Facebook”

  1. Haha, this is handy. I don’t get the people who post intimate information on facebook…

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