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Lessons from a Sitcom – Episode 3

So when it comes to relationships how far is it reasonable to change yourself in order to get into a relationship?  To me it’s always seemed reasonable to find someone who likes you for who you are and not try and become the person that someone else thinks you should be. To illustrate this heres a video from How I Met Your Mothers 100th episode

So in that clip we have Barney pretending to change in order to sleep with a girlfriend and i imagine in his style never call her again, I’m sure we can all agree this is classic Ball Bag behaviour.  So lets say you really really like a guy or girl is it ok to do something similar?  In a nut shell no, you’d be lying to them and you’re likely to end up in a miserable relationship till it inevitably blows up in your face leaving two people who are most likely really bitter.

So if you do like someone get to know them and hopefully they’ll like you back for who you are now not who you could be or who you pretend to be, if they don’t then sod them it isn’t worth your time and you may have just saved yourself a year with a Ball Bag.

Good luck out there,



One Response to “Lessons from a Sitcom – Episode 3”

  1. a sitcom you are sure to enjoy

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