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Why judgemental people are usually Ball Bags.

I have some time to kill and a handy new app on my blackberry that let’s me make posts so I figured I’d give it a shot (ok so I’m not completely imune to being a ball bag but I’m pretty good so back off.)

Basically I just want to highlight a kind of Ball-Bagism that I’ve found quite common and it’s usually directed towards people with interests that are less than common. I’ve experienced this phenomenon frequently as I’m quite the geek. I play quite a lot of video games, rpg’s, I read a lot of fantasy and play and buy far too much magic: the gathering.

Many of my friends are interested in equally geeky areas and many of us are told we should “grow up” and that our interests are “for children” well if you’ve read or seen Watchmen its startlingly obvious that comic books aren’t exclusively for children and your ill informed and ball-bag fuelled insults are foolish.

Another thing I should point out is that I can still find simple things unironically awesome and can find enjoyment stunningly easily, so my life from this perspective seems richer.

This notion that you know how someone should act and telling them so can be harmless but it can equally lead to nasty areas such as homophobia so make sure you remember how lacking in knowledge we all are.

Try to be kind out there,



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