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Lessons From a Sitcom – Relationship Chicken

Sorry for the absence of posting recently i’ve been rather swamped. I’ve been meaning to write this episode for a while as I must have seen 4 or 5 different instances of this particular game recently and it made me wonder about the end of relationships.

Hopefully this won’t sound too cynical but practically all of your relationships will end, they might end civilly or they may end in an explosive rage and with a metric shit tonne of drama. If you’re really lucky the relationship won’t end and you’ve found the one but what if you haven’t?

Rationally if you realise the person you’re with isn’t the one for you then you should break up, this is never an easy thing to do but here are a couple of tips to help you out:-

1) Be honest, just not too honest – Tell them what it is that is causing you to end the relationship but don’t crush or insult them, they may end up feeling crap as it is there is no need to rub salt in the wound. Equally don’t bullshit them it’ll just sound hollow and can be just as bad as being overly honest, just find the right balance

2) Make sure it doesn’t come out of the blue – If there is something in a relationship that is bothering you it’s important to talk to the other person openly,  if things have really started to spiral it should be obvious to both of you if you’re talking to each other. This increases your chances of a clean break up and you’ve got a better chance of saving a friendship

3) Wait before you end up with someone else – If you have just told someone you’re not really ready for a serious relationship (as cliché as that sounds it is a totally acceptable position to be in) and then end up with someone else a week later thats a real kick in the teeth. It’s also really important you don’t jump into bed with anyone until After you’ve broken up other wise your a Ball Bag

Some people how ever when they sense the end of a relationship they bottle it and won’t start the break up, if two people do this you end up with a game of relationship chicken, as seen in season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, in this stupid game they end up getting more and more serious and it means the inevitable break up (and depending on how seriously into the game they are divorce) so much worse.

There is a variant of this where someone begins to play relationship chicken with someone who has no intention of the relationship ever ending.  Maybe they’re really in love or maybe they’re just massively creepy it varies from case to case but when it happens there is going to be some much drama you might want to take a holiday somewhere far far away from it.

Hope this helps,



4 Responses to “Lessons From a Sitcom – Relationship Chicken”

  1. Holiday – GET.
    Totally true.
    Three points – Very true.

  2. I like this post, if only everyone knew about it.

  3. Don’t you jut love the taste of roasted relationship chicken? Although there’s one in our house that’s getting a little burnt now >.>

  4. […] touched upon this realm of possible ball-baggery when i posted about Relationship Chicken but with this new perspective i wanted to add a few […]

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