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How to avoid being a Ball Bag when… dealing with Housemates

Hey guys,

I’ve done a couple of posts in this vein that deal with the wider world but usually we are more of a Ball Bag with the people we see all the time and who on earth do you see more than the people you live with them?

There is always going to be tension in a house because I sincerely doubt that there are 2 people anywhere that can live with each other drama free, let alone 3 or more. There are how ever ways to avoid drama and anger, so you can continue to live together in peace, harmony and a lack of ball bags. Here are my tips:-

Step 1 – Make sure there is a problem:- It is entirely possible that you’re imagining that there is a problem or an issue in the house when in fact it only happening in you’re head. This is a very important step in resolving a problem without being laughed at by the other people you live with.

Step 2 – Make sure you’re not the source of the problem:- From personal experience I have been on the receiving end of complaints where the only problem that has occurred is that someone has decided they’re pissed off with something that either a) doesn’t matter to anyone else in the house or b)  they are the cause of in the first place but are strangely under the impression this isn’t the case. This level of delusion causes a high level of Ball Baggery

Step 3 – Use your words but via your voice:- Notes are a very bad idea, unless you are incredibly polite, justified and take the time afterwards to clarify anything in words.  Most people who write notes tend to be overly aggressive while being overly passive (for some fantastic example why not visit just very nicely talk to the person you have a problem with, they will most likely listen and then explain why they may disagree with you. This method allows for a conclusion to be reached and it becomes apparently more quickly and with less embarrassment than using a note.

I hope some of these tips help you have a more harmonious and ball bag free home life,



3 Responses to “How to avoid being a Ball Bag when… dealing with Housemates”

  1. Haha, hopefully this will come in handy when I live with my housemates next year =.]

    • About 60-70% of the people i’ve lived with have been great, it’s just occasionally you will get an absolute ball bag who has no idea how to deal with people reasonably. I’ve managed to have a better time of it each year so i guess it’s mostly just trial and error

  2. […] to show you the Awesome way to deal with the passive aggressive notes i mentioned previously in “How to avoid being a Ball Bag”. Within in the Last week a housemate of mine posted a fantasticly bad passive aggressive note that […]

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