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Lessons From A Sitcom – Taking a Risk

I recently watched an episode from season 5 of How I Met Your Mother (incidentally the best sitcom for most lessons on relationships) and it involves the main character Ted deciding if he was ready to continue his hunt for “The One” this led me to consider how it is necessary to sometimes to take that risk that you’re gonna get your emotional ass kicked.

This comes up also in Scrubs with the fantastic line “nothing in life worth having comes easy” and this applies no where more than relationships. The reason i believe this stems from basically the idea of fairy tales that end “Happily ever after” There are many people who are searching for what they may or may not call their “Happy ever after” and there is something about that which is noble and also something akin to amnesia.

Why does no one remember that in order to have the happily ever after you have to fight a dragon, climb a tower and trick a witch in order to get it. All of these things happen in one form or another. Perhaps the dragon is the distance between where they live from where you do, perhaps the tower you have to climb is your own insecurities and perhaps tricking the witch is ignoring the overpowering voice in your head and taking the chance and doing what feels best.

Hopefully knowing this might help,



One Response to “Lessons From A Sitcom – Taking a Risk”

  1. This is SO true! Thanks for sharing!

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