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How to be Awesome!

A Friend of mine suggested I could expand somewhat in what I write here. If not being a Ball Bag isn’t enough for you here are a few tips on how to be Awesome! Granted I’m not universally Awesome but i have it on reasonable authority im occasionally Awesome so i can provide some insight.

I just wanted to show you the Awesome way to deal with the passive aggressive notes i mentioned previously in “How to avoid being a Ball Bag”. Within in the Last week a housemate of mine posted a fantasticly bad passive aggressive note that prompted me to write about how it was the behaviour of a Ball Bag, but myself and another Awesome housemate decided to send the note into and in a moment that was so brilliant we walked to our local 24 hour Asda and bought a cheap bottle of Cava to celebrate they posted the note!

When you have 100+ comments from people on the internet who agree with you it is a pretty Awesome experience, it’s well worth trying if you get harrassed by a Note Writing Ball Bag,



One Response to “How to be Awesome!”

  1. Haha that’s hilarious!. Must remember to visit the website 🙂

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