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Lessons from a Sitcom – On The Hook

This weeks brand spanking new How I Met Your Mother named a phenomenon that i have myself experienced once but i wasn’t aware of it’s name nor of its prevalence and it was called being on the Hook.

Basically the idea is this, sometimes in the relationship world you are either on someones hook or have someone on your hook. This person you have no intention of ever being in a relationship with but having them around makes you feel quite good about yourself. Apparently occasions such as this are usually accompanied by the phrase “right now” as in ” I just can’t be with you… right now” or “it just can’t work out… right now”

When i experienced the phenomenon i was on the hook, i liked someone and they told me they reciprocated and then they instead decided they liked the look of my best friend a bit more and therefore kept me on the hook while pursuing him. It was indeed the behaviour of the common Ball Bag and seeing as my friends are Awesome it was pointed out to me, he then put her on the hook for a while in the spirit of retribution.

So have you ever been a Hookee or Hooker? (please resist the easy joke, i’ve managed to :P) Are you aware of the phenomenon?



4 Responses to “Lessons from a Sitcom – On The Hook”

  1. I don’t actually think I’ve ever been in either position, but my friend G most certainly is. She likes a guy, who says he likes her, but won’t break up with his girlfriend (she has stood on high moral ground bless her and not done anything with him), so she is most definitely a hookee. Great post!

    • Your story just reminded me of someone I lived with someone who was totally on the hook for this guy for the entire time she was living with us but she hadn’t taken the high moral ground and also ended up the mistress as well. There was even the fantastic line that “shes not really his girlfriend because they aren’t sleeping together”

  2. I was on the hook for a while but managed to escape, however the gills on my left side will never be the same again. As for keeping people on the hook, you know damn well that I use a harpoon.

  3. […] is that the person your not interested in needs to know this too otherwise they may end up on The Hook which is a cruel thing to do. Equally just because you have to be clear doesn’t mean you have […]

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