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The anatomy of a break-up

Well i’m back to blogging it seems after a colossal break and rather than offer any real explanation other than life happened i thought i’d jump right back into giving people some advice they never asked for! I thought id offer my updated advice on breaking up with someone based on my recent experience in this area.

I touched upon this realm of possible ball-baggery when i posted about Relationship Chicken but with this new perspective i wanted to add a few tips.

First of all spend some time thinking about what you are going to say, i know i spent quite a few days thinking over and ordering my thoughts trying to find the right words for how i felt. In the end it all ended up to be abit of a waste of time but it did help be settle in my mind that i was doing the right thing and that confidence was a huge help. Plus being sure will ensure that you can avoid future doucery of trying to win them back.

It’s also vital to remember that you are going to have very little luck in predicting the reaction and so its best not to dwell too long on it, all you can do is speak your peace and hope for the best (if you are dating someone a little unstable an escape plan or stab proof vest might not be a bad idea as well) if you are very very lucky you’ll end up with the other person being in the same place and can perhaps save yourself a friendship. If things go badly just keep your cool and remember you can always say something later, it’s a lot harder to take something back once it has been said.

The simplest and best advice i can give you is to do it in person if it is at all possible ( i held off on my break up for nearly 2 months to make sure i could do it person) it shows that you do care for the person and that you aren’t callously tossing them aside now you’re done with them. The words “it’s just not working, and really it’s not your fault” sound more convincing face to face than facebook to facebook. Honestly if i were going to give you a Pro-tip for not being a ball bag it would be “Always end a relationship face to face, it’s the classy thing to do”

Well that’s all i have to say on that matter, i’ll try to keep the gap  between this post and the next much shorter than they’ve been recently. I’m sure if i do a little looking i can find some new sources of ballbaggery i can criticise

Till next time Don’t be a ballbag.




2 Responses to “The anatomy of a break-up”

  1. Love it, as usual, and good to hear from you, it’s been too long!

    I had a post query…could you possibly write a post on how to turn someone down without being a ball bag?

    It’s one of those things that everybody has to do at some point but nobody knows how to…bizarre.

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