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The Let Down

There is a kind of relationship that i haven’t really ever covered, the one that never starts. Seeing as i received  request for tips on how to turn someone down without being a ballbag about it i thought i’d also cover how to be turned down without becoming a ballbag as well.

I’ve never really had to do the turning down myself, i’m going to assume this is due to the fact that girls tend to be asked and us guys tend to do the asking and not attribute it to my ridiculous head. If i were however to turn someone down i think the first rule i’d follow is i would avoid even sounding like i was pitying them, i imagine this would be a rather horrible experience that would make the person suffering it wish to stay inside for a fortnight and never approach anyone romantically ever again. Or at least have a stiff drink Dependant on the robustness of their ego.

If you aren’t interested in someone romantically thats perfectly fine, no one is going to judge you for that. The important thing to remember is that the person your not interested in needs to know this too otherwise they may end up on The Hook which is a cruel thing to do. Equally just because you have to be clear doesn’t mean you have to crush them. Make it abundantly clear that you aren’t interested and you won’t ever be but also be clear its not because they are a horrible miserable speck of a human being. (It’s all about balance)

From personal experience please remember this very important lesson, don’t say that you are willing to be friends with them if this is total BS, you have to remember that this person is likely going to still be romantically interested in you and its going to take them a little time to move past that so you’re going to have to be patient and understanding. If you’re only saying it to blunt the blow then you won’t be able to patient and understanding and 3 months later its going to blow up worse.

If you are the one being turned down don’t get offended or annoyed, you have no business being. It’s fine to be a bit gutted, so get your wingman and a couple of bros together have a couple of drinks and meet some new people. Don’t shout, bitch and moan all thats going to do is prove to the other person they’ve made the right call.

This is the most important lesson for all of you out there who’ve been turned down:- Move the fuck on. Blunt? Yes. Here’s why, if you don’t you are going to be a creeper of epic proportions, constantly asking this person out or just hanging around them in an unwanted fashion and just making pretty much everyone around you want to mock you at best and urinate over your footwear at worst. There are worse things in life than being single, being a creeper is one of them

Hopefully there are some helpful tips in there and if there are any areas of life that you want some advice on handling without douchery let me know




One Response to “The Let Down”

  1. Loved it; to the point and a mature way to get over the let down.

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