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Recommending a Sitcom- Community

Hey guys something slightly different today, a recommendation of a sitcom a recently watched and managed to get through every episode of it in one glorious weekend. That TV show is Community a US sitcom (I’m not sure if its made it over here to the UK yet) set in a community college and around the antics of a spanish study group that is formed when the arguable main character Jeff Winger tries to get into the pants of Britta Perry.

The main thing that makes this sitcom unusual it isn’t particularly focused on romantic relationships, obviously such plot lines exist but it’s mostly about friendship and building a very unorthodox family from those friends. This is illustrated mostly through Jeff, he’s a former lawyer who had a fake degree and is now coming to community college to get a real one so he can get back to his real life as he sees it. Eventually his selfish nature is worn down (mostly by Annie who Jeff has trouble disapointing as it’s like “choking the little mermaid with a bike chain)

The real winning part of this sitcom as far as im concerned however is the most epic of bromances between Troy and Abed. They just perfectly personify a geeky bromance: silly in jokes, declaring others are jealous and the best high five i’ve ever seen and subsequently stolen.

Over all it’s a stupidly awesome tv show i think everyone should watch

Til next time don’t be a ball bag šŸ™‚



One Response to “Recommending a Sitcom- Community”

  1. Seeing as you said it, I’ll take a look šŸ™‚

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