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Lessons From A Sitcom – Taking a Risk

March 2, 2010

I recently watched an episode from season 5 of How I Met Your Mother (incidentally the best sitcom for most lessons on relationships) and it involves the main character Ted deciding if he was ready to continue his hunt for “The One” this led me to consider how it is necessary to sometimes to take that risk […]

Lessons From a Sitcom – Relationship Chicken

February 26, 2010

Sorry for the absence of posting recently i’ve been rather swamped. I’ve been meaning to write this episode for a while as I must have seen 4 or 5 different instances of this particular game recently and it made me wonder about the end of relationships. Hopefully this won’t sound too cynical but practically all […]

Lessons from a Sitcom – Episode 3

February 12, 2010

So when it comes to relationships how far is it reasonable to change yourself in order to get into a relationship?  To me it’s always seemed reasonable to find someone who likes you for who you are and not try and become the person that someone else thinks you should be. To illustrate this heres […]