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The Creepy Ball Bag Correlation

Apologies for my long absence from posting,  I’ve just been swamped lately. I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of How not to be a Ball Bag.

So we all know a few creepy people because to a large degree what is creepy is very subjective trait but there is also universal creepiness and it’s that kind of creepy that can lead to someone coming across as a Ball Bag when it’s entirely possible they don’t mean to be.
I’d also like to point out that sometimes creepy people aren’t even slightly Ball Bags and are in fact pretty awesome, this is usually because their brand of creepy doesn’t make other people creepy, or its the non-intrusive kind of creepy that you can decide if you want to deal with.

So what does the kind of creepy that makes people think your a ball bag involve and what should you avoid?

1) Invading Personal Space – Some people are incredibly touchy and others really like their own space, sometimes it can be kind of obvious what is appropriate but sometimes you can totally mis-read the situation, if your unsure of your position play it safe, high-fives and handshakes aren’t creepy, hugs aren’t creepy if you offer or are offered, its the point where you just grab someone where the hug becomes creepy (unless its someone your really close to or who you know doesn’t mind)

2) Pressure – although it’s the passive ability of many legendary pokemon when used amongst the people you know it makes you seem really rather creepy. It can be as small as pressuring someone to hang out with you a lot or to have one more drink all the way up to trying to pressure someone to being in a relationship with you, it makes people uncomfortable and all that’s going to happen is your going to end up with the opposite of what you want.

3) Know what qualifies as TMI – There are some things that just aren’t ok to share and some things are fine regardless of the situation and along side these are the the things that you can get away with in certain company and will disgust a different group of people, in these situations it comes entirely down to knowing your audience. It’s always better to play it safe with this creepy brand, no one ever lost a friend by talking about their penis too little.

So i hope these tips help you make sure that your friends want to be in your company and aren’t considering vomiting or pissing on your shoes,



One Response to “The Creepy Ball Bag Correlation”

  1. You know, until now I never even thought about what it was that makes some people creepy, but now that you’ve pointed it out I see it so clearly. Those people who grab you, or are a little overfamiliar, putting pressure on you to do some things, so true! Good post 🙂

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